Southern California Golden Hour | Griffin & Haley


Oct 1

Photographing Griffin and Haley was a dream. These two had such chemistry and were so natural in front of the camera. When it comes to couples sessions, I always tell my couples to whisper sweet and funny things to each other to capture cute, natural moments. Let me tell you, during this session it did not disappoint! I captured the most genuine smiles and laughter between these two!

Everything about this October evening was dreamy. It had been hot all week long, but for some reason, this day was perfect. Not too hot, not to cold, and a nice little breeze. Just enough to capture the wind blowing Haley’s gorgeous blonde hair. Okay, but besides the fact that these two are beautiful, their love for each other was so apparent, you can see it in every photo.

The golden hour glow at the end of our photoshoot was truly the cherry on top to this amazing photoshoot. A perfect evening, an adorable couple, and a gorgeous sunset.

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